Language Service

Hoque Translation Center ensures accurate and acceptable language conversion facilities under following domain:

We have long cherished experience in translating into and from the following languages. So, you can be sure we have the right solution for you. Our years’ long experience has made us quick to understand your needs and instructions to the point. We are always keen to deliver the best possible results worth your money. As a professional translation company we ensure the work is carried out thoroughly, whatever level of service you may choose. We use most modern technologies to reduce cost. Again, we select the most suited language translators to best meet your specific language requirements. So, you are at right place to have your papers translated on time and on your budget to best serve your purpose.
We deliver translation services in the following language pairs:

Arabic, Bengali, English and other languages
Our qualified and experienced team articulates their competence on language conversion to provide optimum value and benefit to our respectable clients.
Our careful concentration provides trustworthy output for customary application under a wide span of global languages. Translator’s Affidavit facility is also available to ensure the legal authorization, certification and evidentiary value of the converted document for exercising at home and abroad.

Specialties: Distinct and unique facilities of Translation/ Transliteration under – Documents of Foreign Embassies, Legal Certificate and other related Matters, Business and Financial Records and Documents, Government and other official documents, Marketing Issues and Records, Press Release and News Article, User Manual and Product Catalogue, Medical Certificate, Record and Documents, Technical and scientific Record and Documents, Articles and Books of different fields.